Angler’s Paradise –
At Fornæs Camping

Along the East coast of Jutland, straight ahead in Kattegat, you find some of the best possibilities of coast fishing in Denmark.

The area around of Fornæs Camping, you find a line of fantastic fishing sites. A lot of sea trouts, flatfish, mackarel, heering and needlefish, direct from the beach according to the seasons. If you move just 500 meters North or South of the camp site, you will experience the different conditions which makes the fishing especially interesting.

Coast fishing is a nice experience for the children. Put a worm on the hook, throw the line directly from the beach. Angling is a nice experience for the children. Put a worm at the hook, throw the direct from the beach and wait anxiously that the fish bites the hook, in the middle of the nicest nature.

Are you into harbour or pier angling at deeper sea, the Port of Grenaa is the place to be. A put and take lake is also to be found in the area. Diving just up to the campsite is an experience because the bottom conditions vary from sand bottom, rock and sea weed belts, chalk bottom and chalk reefs. With unique bottom conditions which you do not find elsewhere in Denmark.

Do you want to fish in Kattegat, you are welcome to bring your own boat which can be put on water from the campsite’s own boat slide. If you do not have your own boat but still want to try Kattegat, M/S Signe.can be rented. M/S Signe sails from the Port of Grenaa and arranges cod tours, flatfish tours and wreck tours.

At Fornæs Camping, however, we have very good rinse possibilities and freezer conditions.

See anglingvideos recorded at – Fornæs Camping