Facilities – At Fornæs Camping

Here you find an overview of which facilities you can experience at the camp site.
At Fornæs Camping you have many possibilities. Something for all!

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Read about our reception

In the office, you will meet Charlotte and Torben, who is always ready to help and answer all the questions you may have. In the office, you can rent mini golf, DKK 20 per person, as well as borrow petanque games and table tennis rackets. You can find various tourist brochures and you will be able to purchase tickets for Djurs Sommerland and receive a small discount.


Read about our shop

In the shop, you will find the most necessary groceries, candy, drinks, camping amenities, fishing gear, creative articles, rubber beach toys, coffee, popsicles and ice cream on a stick, old-fashioned ice cream waffles and Belgian waffles. Each morning you will have the possibility of getting freshly baked bread and pastries, but only when ordering the day before. When purchasing freshly baked bread, you will also receive a free child’s ticket to the Kattegat Center.

Read about our swimmingpool

We have a lovely swimming pool, which is suitable for both children and adults. The swimming pool is heated with solar heating, 180 square meters and has a depth of 1.10 m in the shallow end and 1.30 m in the deep end. There is a slide in each end. Next to the large swimming pool, we also have a small wading pool for the small children with a depth of 40 cm. In the pool area, there table and bench sets as well as sunbeds, so there is space for everyone. There are also outdoor and indoor shower facilities near the pool area.

Read about our playgrounds

Fornæs Camping is a good destination for children where they can choose between two playgrounds. We have a small playground, which is ideal for the very small children. Here, there is a large sandbox with a small playhouse, various play things and a swing set. In the large playground, you will find two bouncing cushions, a large climbing tower, a rope way, rocking animals, various swings and much more.


Read about our petanque course

Petanque is for both adults and children. Came to the office and borrow the equipment.

Read about our showers

We have two shower facilities on the grounds, one small facility and one large facility. The small facility is located in the front of the grounds in the same building as the office.  Here, you will find men’s and women’s areas, both with showers and toilets.  Our large bathing facility is located in the service building in the middle of the grounds. Here, there are also a men’s and women’s area, but also 4 family rooms, 1 handicapped toilet and 1 baby changing room with a toilet, shower and bathtub for the little ones. There is only a fee for the family toilets, all other water consumption on the grounds is free.

Read about our indoor and outdoor kitchen

At Fornæs Camping, you will find both indoor and outdoor kitchens in several locations on the grounds. All outdoor kitchens have recently been renovated and are modern and covered. And you will just just what you need. Doing the dishes with a sea view – what could be better! Our indoor kitchens have also been recently renovated, and here you will find both a gas burners, an oven and microwaves. Near all kitchens, we have both lounge areas where you can relax and enjoy the nice view as well as eating areas that can seat many people together.

Laundry room

Read about your laundry room

Our laundry room is in the same building as the office. Here, we have 2 washing machines and 1 dryer.

Price per load:

Washing machine DKK 40,-
Dryer DKK 30,-

Wet room/diving room

Read about our wet room/diving room

At Fornæs Camping, divers are more than welcome, which is why we also ensure good facilities for you. We have wet room where suits can dry. In our washing area, you can also rinse your suits and equipment. The wet room is located behind the swimming pool.

Boat slip

Read about our boat slip

If you are going fishing or diving in your own boat, we have our own boat slip, so you can easily and safely start off on our trip. You will find this at the end of the grounds.

Washing area

Read about our washing area

Our washing area is located in the front of the grounds near the large tent. Here, you can wash caravans, boats and cars, DKK 25 per wash. You can also rinse the wet suits and equipment. This is free.

Fishing kitchen

Read about our fishing kitchen

Fornæs Camping is a paradise for anglers, and that is why we also have nice facilities for when you have brought home a big catch. Our nice fishing kitchen is located in the middle of the grounds in our service building. Here, we have sinks and a freezer for fish waste. We have also freezers on site for storing your catch.


Read about our tent

We have a large 9×18 meter tent on the grounds where there is room for 130 people. The tent is to be used only for camping activities or for renting out for birthdays or other events. For renting, ask Torben or Charlotte.

Heart starter

Read about our heart starter

We have a heart starter in the middle of the grounds near the large service building.


Read about our Wi-Fi

We have Wifi on the grounds for a fee. Just search for it directly from your phone.